Easily Make a Plant Pedestal

plant-standDesigning gardens into beautiful works of art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find many creative ways to inexpensively add garden artwork to your yard.  

Plant stands and pedestals not only protect patios and decks, they also attract attention to plants.

One easy way to make your own plant stand is to use cement bricks.

You’ll need 4 bricks for each layer. If you keep your cement pedestal fairly short, then you won’t need any type of adhesive.

To build a cement plant stand:

building-plant-stand1. Use four bricks to form a square. (You’ll end up with an empty center.)

brick-plant-stand2. For another brick layer, place 4 more bricks on top of the first layer.

Repeat the layers for taller pedestals. You may want to use an adhesive or mortar for tall plant stands.

The brick plant stand pictured in this article was 40 cents per brick from Home Depot—yes, just $3.20 for a creative cement pedestal.  

Have fun thinking of more creative ways you can use bricks in your garden!