How to Build a Pebble Fountain

Pebble fountains are a nice feature of any backyard. They provide the tranquil, trickling sound of water. They serve as a shallow birdbath for feathered friends. And pebble fountains are safe to have around children. Building a pebble fountain is a fairly easy garden artwork project.

Pebble fountain garden idea.

Materials Needed to Build a Pebble Fountain

To build a pebble fountain, you’ll need the following materials:

  • A preformed pond liner or pond bucket
  • A fountain pump
  • Something to cover the pond liner or bucket, such as a metal grate or chicken wire
  • Bricks and rocks

Steps for Building a Pebble Fountain

Complete the following steps to build a pebble fountain.

1. Dig a hole and place a preformed pond liner or bucket in the hole. You can use anything sturdy that will hold water.

2. Place the fountain pump into the fountain. Depending on the depth of the fountain, you may need to add bricks for the next step.

3. Place a metal grate or chicken wire over the fountain or bricks. You can even recycle things you have around your backyard, such as a plastic carry tray from your last trip to the nursery. You’ll just need to cut a hole in the center of whatever you use to allow for the fountain tubing to go through.

4. Add rocks over the fountain to hide the pond liner and fountain parts. You can add enough rocks to completely fill up the fountain, or you can leave a shallow pool for the birds to drink and bathe.

5. Add water, plug in your fountain, and enjoy!

Building a pebble fountain is easy to do and adds a nice touch to any backyard.

By Shannon Mendez